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EU Wine Labelling Regulations

For wines distributed within the EU, the following details are mandatory:

    • Nutrition information

    • Ingredient breakdown

Regulation Effective Date: December 8, 2023: Wines crafted on or after December 8, 2023, intended for EU sale, fall under this regulation. These products need to be labeled with ingredients and nutritional information, using a QR code on product back label.

Wines 2024 Onwards Compliance is essential for all wines labeled as 2024 vintage and subsequent years.

Wines 2023 Clarification A wine is deemed “produced” once it meets the EU market standards, encompassing aspects like alcohol content, acidity, and for sparkling wines, pressure levels. For sparkling wines undergoing a secondary fermentation, this process must be finalized.

Heads Up for Distributors Distributors, including retailers, importers, and customs officers, might necessitate compliance sooner. Engaging in discussions with your distribution channels is crucial.

Upcoming Regulations for Spirits It’s anticipated that spirits will soon have similar guidelines.

Early Compliance by Producers Many producers are already aligning with these standards and as a token of our commitment to supporting businesses, EU-Label offering you the opportunity to create 3 FREE e-labels on our platform. Experience firsthand the efficiency and ease of our system – with no credit card obligations. Then contact us for a personalised offer.

Implementing E-labels (QR Codes)

Access the comprehensive nutritional and ingredient details via an e-label (electronic label), which is essentially a QR code on the physical label, directing to a mobile-friendly webpage.

E-labels, whether hosted on your own website or through external providers like, must adhere to specific criteria:


    • Language Adaptability: Ensure labels are translated using official EU translations for every potential market country.

    • Durability: E-labels should remain accessible for the entire sales duration of the wine.

    • Privacy First: Collection of user data is prohibited, with the exception of location data to present the correct language.

    • No Commercial Activity: Direct marketing or sales promotions on the e-label page are not permitted.

    • Direct Access: Not permitted offering downloadable content like PDFs.

    • No links outside the e-label: Information should be directly accessible without requiring additional clicks. However, some legal opinions suggest that navigation might be permitted to the producer page.

Considering Hosting on Your Website? While it’s an option, it’s essential to comply with the above stipulations. For many producers, integrating this on their primary website might be impractical and potentially more expensive than opting for specialized third-party solutions. This often necessitates a distinct web infrastructure, separate from your promotional website and e-commerce platform.

EU Regulation

“In order to provide a higher level of information to consumers, the compulsory particulars under Article 119 of Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 should include a nutrition declaration and a list of ingredients. However, producers should have the option of limiting the contents of the nutrition declaration on the package or on a label attached thereto to only the energy value and of making the full nutrition declaration and the list of ingredients available by electronic means, provided that they avoid any collection or tracking of user data and do not provide information aimed at marketing purposes. However, the option of not providing a full nutritional declaration on the package or on a label attached thereto should not affect the existing requirement that the label list substances causing allergies or intolerances. In Article 122 of Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013, the power to adopt acts in accordance with Article 290 TFEU should be delegated to the Commission in respect of supplementing Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 by laying down rules for the indication and designation of ingredients. The marketing of existing stocks of wine should be allowed to continue after the dates of application of the new labelling requirements until those stocks are exhausted. Operators should be allowed sufficient time to adjust to the new labelling requirements before they become applicable.”

EU REGULATION (EU) 2021/2117

Why Partner with

Business-Centric Solutions: With the integration of QR codes, we make it easy for brands to convey detailed product information, be it wine, beer, juice or anything else.

Efficient & User-Friendly:  A simple scan by the consumer can reveal a wealth of knowledge such as nutrition information, packaging, sustainability or producer info, enhancing the user experience and reducing the need for extensive packaging details.

Stay Compliant: Be ahead of the curve and ensure your business is ready for the EU regulations coming into effect on December 8, 2023.

How We Help Our Clients

At EU-LABEL, we recognize the challenges brands face in today’s competitive market. From navigating consumer expectations to differentiating oneself in a crowded space, the journey can be complex. Here’s how we step in to support and elevate our clients:


    • QR Code Generation: Automatic QR code generation for each product entry.
      Downloadable QR codes in various formats.
      Dynamic QR codes redirection if product changed host.

    • Compliance Checker: Complies with the current EU legislation
      Automated checks to ensure product information aligns with EU regulations.
      Suggestions and alerts for potential compliance issues.

    • Multi-language Support: Platform available in multiple European languages.
      Auto-translation of product pages based on user preferences.

    • Product Information Input: Intuitive forms for entering product details.
      Fields for nutrition information, sustainability insights, packaging details, and more.
      Option to upload product images and certifications.
      Reusable data components, create once, reuse in every e-label.
      Import / export Excel files

    • Product Web Page Creation: Auto-generated web pages for each product with structured information.
      Mobile-responsive design for easy viewing on smartphones.
      Shareable links for promotion on social media and other platforms.

    • User Registration & Profile Management: Secure sign-up and login process.
      Profile customization and management.
      Multi-role access (e.g., brand representatives).

Join a growing community of businesses that trust for their e-labeling needs. Our dedicated B2B support team is always available to assist and ensure a seamless experience.

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