QR-Redirect and Smart Selections

EU-Label Announces Exciting New Updates to Enhance Digital Wine Labeling

EU-Label is excited to announce the rollout of new features designed to streamline and enhance the digital wine labeling process for our users. With these updates, we aim to empower wine producers with even more flexibility and ease of use, ensuring they can meet compliance requirements effortlessly and enhance their product presentation.



Introducing QR-Redirect and Smart Selections in E-Label Forms

One of the standout additions to our platform is the QR-Redirect functionality. This feature allows users to set a redirect URL for any QR codes already created. It’s a game-changer for clients who have printed QR codes on their wine bottles but need to update the linked information without reprinting the labels. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining accurate and relevant product details and offers a seamless experience for the end consumer.

QR redirect functionality

Furthermore, we have enhanced the smart selection capabilities in our electronic label (e-label) forms. The updates include presets for wine types, styles, and production methods, as well as options to select the origin, region, and grape varieties of the wine. These smart selections drastically reduce the need for manual input, enabling a more streamlined form completion process.

Smart select functionality

Why These Updates Matter

Our latest enhancements are designed to simplify the digital labeling process, saving time and reducing costs for wine producers. The QR-Redirect function, in particular, is a significant innovation, offering producers the ability to change the destination URL of a QR code at any time. This means that even after a wine bottle has been distributed or sold, the digital content it links to can be updated, ensuring that consumers always have access to the most current and relevant information.

The expanded smart selections further ease the labeling process by providing comprehensive, customizable options that cater to the diverse needs of the wine industry. By minimizing manual data entry, we not only streamline label creation but also enhance the accuracy and consistency of the information presented.


SEO and Digital Marketing Impact

These new features are not only practical but also strategically aligned with SEO and digital marketing objectives. By improving the user experience and broadening the scope of our platform’s capabilities, we can attract more users and increase engagement. As more wine producers adopt our advanced e-label solutions, the visibility of their products online will improve, driving more traffic and interaction through updated digital labels.

Looking Ahead

EU-Label is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We listen to our users and strive to meet their evolving needs with practical, cutting-edge solutions. These new features are just the beginning of what we plan to introduce to make digital wine labeling not only compliant with EU regulations but also a powerful marketing tool for producers.

We invite all wine producers to explore these new features and see how they can transform their labeling process. For more information and to schedule a demo, visit our website or contact our support team.


Don’t wait to streamline your wine labeling process. Explore the new features at EU-Label.info today and take the first step towards a more efficient and compliant future.

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