Latest Updates to Platform

Introducing the Latest Updates to Platform: Revolutionizing Digital Wine Labels

Welcome to the newest evolution of digital wine labeling at! Our journey of innovation continues as we roll out new features designed based on valuable feedback from our clients. Our mission is to simplify compliance with EU regulations for wine labeling while enhancing the user experience. Let’s dive into the exciting updates:

Easier QR Code Creation and Immediate Previews

We’ve made generating QR codes for your wine bottles quicker and more intuitive. With the option to create a QR code with minimal information and complete the details later, your wine labeling process just got faster. Plus, now you can instantly preview your e-label on mobile devices, ensuring that what you see is what your customers get. First Step creating QR CodeReady QR Code

Simplified Data Input for Recycling Materials

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is stronger than ever. We’ve streamlined the process for entering recycling material data, making it easier for you to comply with regulations and contribute to a greener planet. Creating Recycling Materials

Enhanced Performance and Reduced Loading Times

We understand the importance of accessibility, especially on mobile. Our e-labels now load faster, allowing consumers to quickly access all the necessary information about your wine, from its origin to recycling instructions.

Direct Access to QR Codes and EAN Barcodes

Accessing and generating QR codes has never been easier. With our updated platform, you can quickly generate QR codes for immediate use on your labels. Additionally, for those requiring EAN barcodes, our platform now offers the ability to view and download these directly, simplifying inventory management and retail distribution. How to view QR Codes and EAN Bar Codes

User-Friendly Experience Throughout

All these updates are part of our ongoing commitment to making the process of creating digital labels as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. Whether you’re a small winery or a large distributor, our platform is designed to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

Closing Thoughts

The latest enhancements to Platform reflect our dedication to innovation, client feedback, and environmental responsibility. We’re excited for you to experience these updates and see the positive impact on your wine labeling process. Scanned QR Labels Map Don’t wait to streamline your wine labeling process. Explore the new features at today and take the first step towards a more efficient and compliant future.  

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Introducing the Latest Updates to Platform: Revolutionizing Digital Wine Labels

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